CompTIA Security+ Sy-601 Certification [Exam Day]

We have covered the overview of all key terms and technologies covered in the CompTIA Sy+ 601 certification exam in our six-part blog series. I gave the exam on 6th June 2022 and passed, (not with flying colors for sure); I scored 770 out of 900 (Pass limit 750).

CompTIA Sy+ 601

Exam Pre Setup

I gave the CompTIA exam from my Singapore home, remotely proctored by the Pearson Certification Team. I am pretty familiar with the whole process, so it took me 10 minutes for the initial setup. I used my Pearson Mobile App to send my ID and my desk table photographs for verification. Post verification, the exam was available to me.

Exam Topics

The exam covered all the topics as per the syllabus, with a few drag and drop questions. You usually won’t find drag and drop questions in any practice exams so it was new for me. I spend 10-15 mins on just three questions because they were not straightforward and required a good understanding of network architecture, protocols, encryption methods, etc. Some questions were ways, I can rate them from 1 to 1.5 on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest. There were a few really good questions on digital signatures, risk mitigation strategies, and governance.

I personally was concerned about the compliance-based questions as they need us to remember which compliance covers what industry but didn’t get any on that, though you should not leave them. I liked the questions on Data Loss Prevention, there were quite a lot related to data protection as ultimately that’s what we aim as one of the key components to secure as part of the Infosecurity team. I am still doubtful of a few of my answers from the same topic and will be going back to study mode to get clarification.

Cloud types and different service offerings provided by CSPs were also covered, so make sure to have good knowledge. And also, last but not least, types of the attacks, Social or Application, please do read them all carefully, have a good understanding of SQL injection, XSF, XML injection, Phishing, Vishing, etc.; don’t ignore or take them lightly.

What’s Next on TechnoKofe?

I am starting my journey for CKS (Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist) now. Subscribe to our website, so you don’t miss out.


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