LC/NC Approach – Is it future of Software Industry?

I still remember during my college days in 2010, I was literally scared of black screen with some words and numbers scrambled on it. Idea of computer language and compilers was simply terrifying. But I shrugged off this fear of mine thinking, well I am Telecom Engineer right, thats what my goal is, who cares black and white screens.

By 2017, I knew I cannot escape those screens and codes written over it. With oncoming of Cloud Computing in telecom and use of automation on every level, means old building was gradually coming down, replaced by a merger of new industry where seperating line between Software and Telecom was thinner than ever.

Year 2022, I own a website, write my own playbooks and maintain codes on remote Gitlab, likes troubleshooting by CLI interface than GUI, still try to learn python in whatever time I gets. Black screen scares me no more.

One of reason I overcome this fear was introduction of LC/NC or Low Code/No Code technique. Now I know, there is no need to be HTML/CSS writer to create your own website or no need to know backend python to run ansible scripts.

Rookie and amateurs in any industry are now motivated to support their application team by using this new approach where requirement is simple, visualize use case and write simple codes using simple languages like python or using GUI based tools.

Of course, there shall never be replacement of expert developers and coders, yet plain idea of involving everyone in software delivery is exciting and indeed future of automation.

P.S. Black screen still scare me so I use White screen with Black letters on my terminal 🙂


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