My journey for AWS SAA-C02, Is it worth it ?

Now before those AWS fanboys and lawyers jump on me with combined force, I am not questioning worthiness of learning and getting certified as AWS Solution Architect in general. In fact, my answer to above question is YES! (Please don’t leave if I revealed dark secret in start itself)

What I really want to discuss here is, for people from Telco background, where we know AWS still have lot of space to grow (Unless we check Dish Network in US), is it really worth it.

Again, why I say it because I get this question asked so many times from people still working in legacy systems. They don’t exactly have deep level understanding of cloud or difference between public or private offerrings by various companies, hence, because they hear this AWS cloud more often than say Openstack or Azure, they get this idea, to enter virtualized world, start with AWS SA Certification.

So let me first tell you what this exam offers and may be later have better idea, is it worth to give a shot.

Basically, exam is remote proctored, arranged by Pearson VUE. You have to solve 65 MCQs in 130 mins, which makes 2 mins per question. Most of the questions are scenario based, which actually makes this exam not exactly easy for beginners or experienced engineers alike.

Topics covered are below,

Domain% of Exam
Domain 1: Design Resilient Architectures30%
Domain 2: Design High-Performing Architectures28%
Domain 3: Design Secure Applications and Architectures24%
Domain 4: Design Cost-Optimized Architectures18%
Table 1

You may get all info on AWS official website itself, URL below

From topics covered itself, you may get hint, they don’t want you to know how to work on AWS cloud only, but how you can actually use it for day to day use cases and support customers queries on multiple implementation scenarios

Now like I said before, answer to my question is YES, its actually worth it but will it help you lend a job or switch to new profile overnight. I guess you yourself can answer it, there is no shortcuts like that but for kickstarting your journey, it is actually not a bad option.


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